Monthly Archives: March 2015

Hello world!

Well, the day has arrived!  I finally found the day to start my online fraud & cyber-security blog.

I am writing this blog for generations to come, who will grapple with the same issues we deal with now, albeit, with many more consequences.

There is still no book, university course or quick video to watch in order to learn the Art Of Detection – so I decided to attempt and create something new and crowd-source our knowledge.

The writings here are a collection of methods, ideas, concepts and practical solutions to how to detect fraud and general masquerading online.  The format of a blog will allow readers to interact with the content, and see what others think and suggest.

There is no security in obscurity, and thus, this blog is going to be public.

Looking forward to sharing what I know and getting security-minded professionals who are defending the cyber-front-lines opine and embellish the content.

For this effort to be a success, it should be the sum of our ambition to make the Internet better for the next generation onward.

Let’s begin with the basics